Führungen in der Marina

Die Führungen in der Marina Kühlungsborn finden montags 16:00 Uhr und dienstags 10.00 Uhr statt. Sie erfahren Interessantes/ Wissenswertes rund um die Marina und dessen Geschichte. Wir freuen uns auf Sie.

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Project „Maritime Baltic Network“ - Short project summary - background, rationale, aims, content and results 

The Southern (West) Baltic Sea is being understood as a consolidating region with an increasing own identity. Our goal thereforeis the improvement of the tourist infrastructure on the sea route between the harbours, the networking of the Baltic Sea by the Marina Verbund Ostsee e.V. (MVO) as well as an extension of the membership harbours and their service for the clients according to the strategy of the Baltic Sea. Both the international cooperation within the project work and period and the sustainability of the project is clearly defined. From our point of view this project has to be seen as a “lively united Europe”. The entire marketing and the establishment of the Baltic Sea network is being accompanied and supported by the mutual set-up of an automated network of weather stations and interaction between the harbours. It’s not intended to be “just another network” but a new quality in Europe along the western and southern Baltic Sea estuaries by an alliance of marketing activities, administration and transfer of knowledge. Institutions of different fields are joining in and working hand in glove. It’s not only that existing projects are being correlated but new non-existing structures are being created with clear objectives, methodically reasonable and sustainable.The South Baltic (SB) area is an excellent water sport region with enormous sailing potential and strong increasing tourism. The number of harbours and sport boat skipper has constantly increased over the last 10 years. Nevertheless important harbours in the SB area are separate units without joint (international) information and actions. Information about the meteorological situation is invariable modelling data and not necessary measured on site data and therefore not the current status of atmospheric conditions. That is a wide difference. So far the harbours work on their own and provide different information about weather conditions also at varying quality levels. Even in one country the harbours have difficulties to work cross-linked. This has also a dramatic effect on the security status. Accidents at sea are just one example. Although the demand is rising and the development of each harbour is moving forward year by year, the networking between the harbours shows only poor progress. Such a situation is unacceptable and will not be tolerated any longer.The assessed project objectives, to develop a network of harbours and improve the security standard along the estuary will be achieved through different activities. In several harbours automatic weather stations will be installed and common marketing actions will be realised by the internationally operating harbours, such as participation in boat shows, design of print media, creation of a DVD, development of a bonus card, the organisation of regular workshops and the design of a common internet presentation of the marina network. 

More informations: http://en.southbaltic.eu/files/?id_plik=2011




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